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Uptimerô Production Monitoring Systems






The Uptimer Production Monitor:

  • Automatically collects valuable machine performance information including Run Time, Down Time, Setup Time, Piece Counts, Production Rates and more!


  • Records data from electrical signals such as photoeyes, encoders and programmable controllers.


  • Features rugged design to withstand temperature extremes, dust, humidity, and electrical noise.


  • Lets you monitor one machine or an entire plant using a network of Uptime production monitors.











  • Easily connects to a PC and transmits data to the Uptimer software.  This easy-to-use program lets you tailor data collection and gives you shift, weekly, monthly, and annual performance reports.  Report types include Production, Down Time, and Setup Time.

Multi-Machine Capability:
    Allows you to monitor up to 6 machines with a single Uptimer.  At your PC, each machine is treated as a separate Uptimer unit with its own status display, reporting functions and software control.
















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