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    Seeing a need for simplified process data collection, Uptime Technology, Inc. found its beginnings back in 1987.  Many of the first customers were in the wood products industries and are still using their original Uptimer systems today.

    From wood products, Uptime Technology expanded into metal foundaries and forging facilities where the Uptimer has stood the test of time in these harsh manufacturing environments.  Then, driven by customer demand, paper converting, metal stamping, machine shops, food processing, pharmaceutical and electronics manufacturing quickly followed.

    Over the years, the Uptimer system has grown, expanded, and developed into a total process data collection system that works as well on a fully automatic manufacturing system as it does at a manual work station.

    Today, there are Uptimer systems installed around the world in manufacturing facilities from lumber mills to liquid food packaging plants.  And regardless of the industry, the Uptimer system proves itself day in and day out as an easy to use, effective data collection, process analysis and improvement tool.










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